Current Classes

A silent opportunity…

begins with the American Indian Flute and ends with a walking meditation and prayer

stillness speaks.


Mon - Fri   6 am-6.30 am.

Facilitator: Danielle Wilson

A subtle movement practise that will uplift & energise your whole day… This entire sequence is designed to create greater mental & physical clarity. Connecting with sun’s rising energy daily is so good.

Mon/Tues 6.30am - 7am

Thurs/Fri 6.30am - 7am

Facilitator: Danielle Wilson

My vinyasa flow classes will take you on a journey, you may meet cross roads, or stop you in your tracks, but what ever happens on  the mat it will enrich your mind, body, soul, & life.... you may even laugh a little too! 

Mon 9.30am - 10.30am

Thurs 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Facilitator: Anna Eveleigh

A practice that delves deep into our connective tissue. A true practice of surrender. Suitable for all ages and abilities. This is your time.

Thurs 1pm - 2pm

Facilitator: Anna Eveleigh

Restorative yoga in a rainforest setting by candle light, will take you through a gentle flow, to untangle any knots from your day, & then lead into a restorative / yin inspired sequence to quieten the mind & senses.  A delicious experience that will soften your soul.

Tues 8pm - 9pm

Facilitator: Anna Eveleigh


30min       Donation


30min        $5.00


1 hr            $15.00


1 hr              $15.00


1 hr              $15.00

This popular class begins with a Hatha inspired intro with Anna, you then have an opportunity to concentrate on your own practice in the studio, get inspired & ask for advice to develop further.


Wed 6.30am - 7.30am.

Facilitator: Anna Eveleigh


1 hr              $15.00

For lovers of dance! This is an opportunity to dance, free your mind and feel your body transform. Explore various sounds and rhythms from around the world in your own backyard.  Wear comfortable clothing.

Mon 6pm - 7pm

Facilitator: Danielle Wilson


1 hr              Donation

Weekly training session & then weekend workshop once per term (possibly more)

A combination of strength & flexibility in aerial gymnastics/ performance/fitness & dance.

Weekend Boot Camp - Kuranda Amphitheatre 

11 yrs - Adults

Performance once per year…

Tues/Fri 9am - 10am

Wed 4.30pm - 5.30pm

Facilitator: Danielle Wilson


1 hr              $10.00

A sacred journey into grounding woman’s wisdom is a beautiful gathering of sisters in a circle sharing, honouring the unique part in each of us. Discover a collective power to heal, find your voice, rise up & witness miracles...

to RSVP text 0428 922 357 "create a place for me"…

Fri  1pm- 2pm. 

Facilitator: Danielle Wilson


1 hr              $10.00