Hannah Billmann

Hatha Yoga Instructor

A loving and intuitive nature, spreading a calm, happy and light energy to feel comfortable with. Her goal is to help people tune internally, focus on acceptance and self-love and lead them to a more fulfilled version of themselves. She gets inspired by traveling the world and meeting a diversity of interesting and inspiring souls. Certificated in India, the origin land of Yoga, in Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga and Aerial.

Bridie Scott

Meditation & Movement Instructor

A pixie by nature, her infectious smile and soothing manner set the mood for her classes. Bridie has been teaching the early Meditation & Movement practice at Sundance Studio and Meditative Macrame workshops. She incorporates her understanding of plant life energetics to the basis of her practice - merging principles of earth cycles to understanding the human interaction and walking peacefully on this earth.

Kellie Kennett

Kundalini Yoga Instructor

Kellie teaches Kundalini Yoga and first experienced the Gong as part of a Kundalini Yoga class. She found the experience so powerful (even though it was only played for 10 minutes in the class) that she was inspired to bring this experience to her yoga students.  She had so much feedback from students of their amazing experiences from the Gong that she was hungry for more knowledge

Isobel Dore

Vinyasa Yoga Instructor

My mantra is: Your Body, Your breath, your practice. Working through the practice of yoga to reveal the core of your strength, balance, resilience, emotions, passions and curiosity. To delve under the distractions and programming to discover the core and truth of who you are.I like to make my classes flow, fun, non judgmental and a safe place for everyone to work through the layers of stiffness and deeply held tension.

Stacey Clarke

Aerial Gymnastics Instructor

Stacey Clarke is a dedicated trainer, with a clear vision of helping students gain the necessary skill sets to achieve their goals. She now has 7 years of teaching and workshop experience, working with people of all ages and abilities. She is a qualified Gymnastics coach and has just begun teaching Aerial Silks at Sundance Studio. She lives in Bingil Bay, Mission Beach

Danielle Wilson

Dance/Movement Instructor

A down to earth creature of an intuitive and inventive nature, Danielle has been teaching for over 16 years, people of all ages; including circus, dance, aerial silks, meditation and movement practices as well as running woman circles, she is also a therapist in Energy and trained in Watsu and EMF Balancing Technique. She developed Sundance Studio to bring the community together to celebrate their incredible qualities as human beings.

Nicola Liebke

Homeschool Support Teacher/ Doula

My name is Nicola and like you, I am a mother. I've worn a few hats over the years working as a postnatal doula, teacher, parent group leader and in community health education. I've also homeschooled my own children at various times during their school lives. She is the founder of Mothers' Support Network - www.moonhutmamas.com

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